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We are exclusive Pharmaceutical Recruitment firm offering services in India, Japan, USA, Europe, Middle East, China ,South East Asia & Africa.
  •  Recruitment for foreign companies looking for Indian talent
  •  Interviewing services
  •  Career counselling

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  •  Human Resource ( HR)
  •  Finance
  •  Accounts
  •  Admin
  •  Information Technology ( IT)


  •  Quality Assurance ( QA)
  •  Quality Control ( QC)
  •  Production
  •  Projects
  •  Stores

Research And Development

  •  Formulation Development
  •  Analytical Development
  •  Regulatory Affairs
  •  Technology Transfer

    Sales And Marketing

    •  Domestic sales
    •  International Sales
    •  Product Management

      Why Choose Us

      Fast Hiring Process

      We make it easy and quick to find, hire, and train candidates that can work with precision in a fast-paced environment while upholding strict standards of quality assurance.

      Low Fees

      Our team is committed to recruitment and hiring candidates for our clients. We charge very low fees so that your company can get started quickly on filling positions in their organization.

      Large Talent Pool

      For a company that is looking for Pharma candidates, Kegan Executive Search has one of the largest talent pools in India.

      Local & Remote

      Kegan Executive Search boasts a diverse range of talents that come from all around the world.

      16 Years of Experience

      We have deep knowledge of pharma recruitment and its nuances, with over a decade in the business.

      Custom Consulting

      We take pride in our ability to provide customized consulting services for pharma recruiters across globe.